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High quality, unique taste and magic of scent

When the ingredients whisper about the delicious fruits of the apricot trees cultivated on the Ararat valley under the gaze of the sun, as well as about the spring waters of Armenia’s highlands, the spirit of this drink is born.

Abrikon, a strong, ecologically clean apricot drink can easily attract anyone’s attention who masters the art of taste, making him experience the spirit.

One cannot just open the bottle in an ordinary way, because while doing so they unwillingly open up a crazy crater of emotions and feelings within themselves, a wonderful fusion of generosity and success. Finally, after the first taste, having already slipped into a peaceful oblivion of sense of time and place, you experience the gust of one of history’s most breathtaking sides with the second small gulp.

The unique charm and flavor of the beloved Armenian apricot makes you feel the history as well.

It’s not a coincidence that the heartwarming aroma of the Armenian apricot spreads back to the days of Cleopatra and Semiramis. Sargon, King of Assyria, and Darius, King of Persia, were both enthralled by its flavor. It was used to decorate the luxurious tables of Pharaohs.…

The triumphant mind of Alexander of Macedon and the ingenious fantasy of Avicenna were engaged in scrutiny of the Armenian apricot.

A unique quality, delicate taste and a magic of fragrance.


The unique charm and flavor of the Armenian favorite apricot makes you feel the history as well.



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The drink has a hardness
Apricot is harmless to everyone, even those who are overweight, as 100 grams of apricot contains only 42 kcal.
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